Easy List Hacks



Easy List Hacks

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Even with just a few thousand subscribers, I am now making a comfortable living by sending out promo offers to my email list. If you can grow a quality email list of 2000+ subscribers, you can certainly make a nice monthly income from your email list.

You see? when someone is on your list, you can continue to promote to this person over and over again. Let?s say in the span of 1 year, you send out over 200 email blasts to your list, and the average subscriber only buys 1 product from you at $5 each. Not everyone on your list will buy, but some may buy multiple times and even 5+ times in a year. But anyways, so you?re making an average of $5 per subscriber for a year. That?s about $10,000/year with just a list of 2000 subscribers, assuming you?ll lose some and gain some new subscribers along the way.

Topics include:

  • Niche Selection and Promotion
  • Text or Html Emails?
  • Subject Lines That Kills!
  • Reducing Email Marketing Costs

And many more!


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